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Galentine's Day

So Valentine's day is here, and you don't have someone to celebrate it with? Worry no longer, because you can celebrate Galentine's day.

What is Galentine’s day?

Galentine’s day is similar to Valentine’s day as it commemorates relationships, however, instead of honoring relationships, women celebrate equally impactful people in their lives: their female friends. Galentine's day rose to popularity in 2010 from the TV show Parks and Recreation, and as it gained more attention, it attracted more celebration of female friendships. The fictional celebratory day is similar to Friendsgiving, where people have a chance to recognize their love, kindness, and loyalty of platonic relationships. Afterall, friends can support you in many ways that a partner couldn’t, so why not appreciate them with a somewhat “official holiday.”

How and when to celebrate?

These female friendships are commemorated the day before Valentine’s, on February 15 or on eve of Valentine's day, but women usually pick their dates since it’s still not a national holiday and honor it on their own terms. Showing affection can be symbolized through gifts like chocolate, goofy cards, and presents. However, the presence of each other alone is enough to build a healthy support system. Most common activities include: watching movies (often romcoms), baking cookies, painting, going out in malls, or just walking around the city/park. There are options even for long-distance or self-isolated friends! Like sending care packages, or long facetime calls. Since the event has no particular rules, one can spend it with as many friends as they want and praise it however they desire, or even make their traditions!

Is it only for women?

As the name of the holiday suggests, the celebration is for women, but it doesn't exclude any male friends that want to participate. Though the main target of the tradition is single women, taken women have an equal chance to salute their bond with best friends. Romantic relationships come and go, but friends are the ones that stick around and pick up the broken pieces when one is broken. Overall, it sounds very corny and cliche but it’s also emotional and affectionate. Showing people how much they mean to one can never be negative when done with love. Afterall, the biggest perk of this fictional holiday is that, the market once only associated with romance, no longer alienates single women, instead cherishes the true love of friendships!

Here’s an interview with one of the tenth graders about their experience on Galentine’s Day.


Do you know or are you aware of Galentine's Day?


Yes, of course.


And do you ever celebrate it with your friends?


Yes, however, I couldn’t celebrate it last year because of covid, but I am looking forward to doing something with my friends.


What are you planning to do this year?


My friend group decided to make a gift exchange, where we buy each other a series of small gifts based on the categories that we came up with. Like buying flowers and chocolate, mocking Valentine's day.

Editor: Kato Dadiani

Galentine's Day by Ninia Abramishvili

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