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A List of Bands Everyone Should Listen To

Music is one of the most essential things in life. It makes everything less boring. Without it, School would be harder, parties would be lifeless, and surviving the real world would be very difficult. Everyone has a different taste in music, but hopefully, the bands listed in this article will fit your style and maybe broaden your knowledge of music.

1. The Beatles

Let’s start with the classics. The Beatles were a British rock band, formed in the 60s. One of the best reasons to listen to them is that they can bring a certain type of joy that no other band can. Their lyrics are charismatic and fun and have deep meanings. It is the perfect band to set you in a good mood. Their songs are somewhat nostalgic and can only bring good memories and thoughts to your brain.

2. The doors

Another great band is The doors. They didn’t exactly fit in any genre, they were very free to every kind of music. The reason why this band is so special is that their music sounds very unique, the band took jazz and adapted it to rock, so their songs are a mix of those two, and it sounds beautiful. The lead singer of the band was Jim Morrison and the lyrics he wrote were always poetic. When you listen to the songs, the words make you imagine the world he lived in. One great song is “Love Street”. Jim Morrison wrote it about his girlfriend, and how they would sit on their balcony and watch the hippies walk down the street. While listening to it you can feel the passion and emotion in his voice.

3. Nirvana

Nirvana to this day is considered to be one of the best punk bands in the world. The lead singer of the band was Kurt Cobain. One of the reasons why this band was so great is that Kurt didn’t have any limits, he was an artist more than a musician. Every one of their songs has a different emotion. almost like you can feel what he felt at that exact moment. Most of Nirvana's songs are heavy and more on the melancholic side, but whenever the depression waves hit, the best songs to relate to are by Nirvana.

4. A tribe called quest

Another band is A Tribe Called Quest, they are a hip hop band, which was formed during the late 80s. They represented African Americans with their music, and their music genuinely showed a different side to African American hip hop. Their music is very chill and great to listen to around friends. Their vibe is very mellow, and the lyrics are fun to listen to. A great song by them is “Can I Kick It” which is a very upbeat song.

5. Fleetwood mac

Fleetwood Mac is considered to be a very "hot" band. They are known for their passionate lyrics, soothing guitar tunes, and romantic vibes. There is a different type of beauty in their songs, almost fragile and gentle. They are very relatable, and it is a good band to listen to when you’re in love. The music even boosts up your confidence and makes you feel flawless.

6. The Strokes

The Strokes are an American rock band formed in the late 90s. They are a type of band that you can listen to at any moment in any mood. You can party to the same songs that you listen to for homework or sleep, just on different volumes. Their songs are very comforting and relatable. They are very catchy and you can never be tired of them. The songs can remind you of a hot summer day laying under the sun or skiing on a snowy mountain. They have no limits.

Music is something everyone should value in the world. There are hundreds of bands and thousands of songs, all are individual and special in their way. You should always keep an open mind about music and explore out of your comfort zone because you may never know what you may find.

Edited by Nina Aladashvili

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