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Dato Mas on the biggest school scandal: Chat GPT

In a world where technology is constantly evolving, Chat GPT stands out as an extraordinary invention. It is a virtual friend you can ask anything to, have conversations with, and it provides you with information on any topic you need.

The conversation about artificial intelligence has become a popular one in GZAAT. The ever-changing technology challenges the current education system, and demands serious restrictions, or otherwise, changes in the system. The opinions about this specific program, Chat GPT, vary greatly from student to student and teacher to teacher. While it can be greatly helpful in some aspects of education and studying, it can as easily be misleading and harmful.

It is interesting to hear the opinions of teachers who specialize in more technical subjects, as artificial intelligence seems to be directly related to these matters. Dato Shapakidze, a teacher in the mathematics department, offers his take on this newest and widely popular innovation.

Dato considers Chat GPT to be very useful and thinks that humanity can greatly benefit from it. “You can get very good, superficial information about the topic you are interested in.” Chat GPT is perfect for those who want to get a quick and efficient factual answer to a specific question that they have, without having to waste time on extra digging and reading through information that they are not interested in and don’t need.

Dato himself often uses the program to write emails and small texts in English. He uses it as an English language corrector, showing that this program can be especially helpful for those who need to use the English language in their daily life and workplace, despite it not being their first language.

Dato thinks that he and other teachers aren’t the only ones who can get help from the program. He believes that students can definitely benefit from it too. Even though the usage of this application may go against traditional methods of studying, teaching, and learning, the creation of this program is only a part of the inevitable changes of life as we know it, and maybe even calls for some changes in our education system today.

For example, while some people could argue that Chat GPT could potentially breed lazy students who don’t know how to work hard, Dato argues that as long as teachers assign specific assignments which are customized in accordance to new developing technologies, students will, on the contrary, be pushed to work in a proper, academic manner.

Dato concludes that Chat GPT is especially useful for daily tasks, such as writing emails to friends or colleagues, sending informal text messages, or getting quick access to small amounts of desired information. As long as you know how to use Chat GPT in the right way, it can be absolutely useful without bringing you, or others, any harm.

Edited By: Lizi Schierman

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