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AAT VS European school basketball game

Sport is a massive part of our school culture; lately, it has become even more popular and active due to the basketball games against different schools. On 30th April, Gzaat's basketball team had a friendly match against the European School of Tbilisi.

The game started pretty well in our favour. From the first minute, GZAAT's players were dominating the field. Expectations were relatively high from the beginning of the game. Even though the team did not have the usual composition, they managed to find new players who did a great job!

The game finally ended with GZAAT's win (70-42). After the game, we interviewed our team captain Nikoloz Salakaia:

"We were really motivated before the game and had high expectations. Even though there were only seven players from the original team, we had four new additions who were super helpful and brought the new potential to the game. We couldn't use our gym for two weeks due to some renovations, but we still got the chance to train, where we worked out new tactics and combinations for the game. This game was not our best, but the score difference was the highest, probably because it was a home game, and we were very comfortable in our gym and environment."

The game was quite friendly and passed without drama compared to our previous away games!

Photo from the game. Credit: Guivy Zaldastanishvili American Academy page on facebook

Edited by Zura Gigineishvili

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