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AAT Days are Back! Or are they?

As everybody knows, our school has had a tradition of hosting various events and parties throughout the years. Sadly, many of them, like Christmas villages, parties, and charities, have been canceled due to the pandemic. But now, as there is a better situation in the country and Covid isn't as spread as it used to be, these events are coming back, and AAT days are not the exception. However, since they have not been held for about 3-4 years, a question might arise: what are the AAT days, and why are they so important?

A former student of GZAAT (class of 2019), Salome Arveladze, told us about the concept of AAT days and her and her class's experience. According to her, twelfth graders had to select a theme during the spring period. And then, in connection with that topic, all classes chose what they would do more specifically. For example, some would perform dances, others musicals, songs, decorations, etc. Then, everyone had their corner in the sports hall. There were 5-6 teachers on the jury, who observed everything, watched the dances, and then made a decision (by voting). And finally, after the vote, they gave students the trophies. "For example, our class had chosen the theme of New Orleans. Almost every day during that period, we had rehearsals and built decorations, went to markets to buy materials, went to get the costumes, or sewed them ourselves." This event united the class, made them act as a team, show off their creativity, and also have fun while doing all of this.

The AAT days used to be all about competition between the grades. Nevertheless, according to our principal, Mr. Andres Cruz, his year, even though this event is back, it will stop being competitive. Everyone in school has different thoughts about this decision. However, most students say there is no point in having AAT days if they won't be competitive since everyone will lose interest or won't take it with their full responsibility and seriousness. On the other hand, teachers have a different view on this subject. Most of them share the same thought that there should not be a winner and that the primary purpose of this event should be showing creativity and having fun. We interviewed Marika Tsitsishvili, who stated her opinion on this subject: "From my experience and observations throughout the years, this need for winning and competition has had a terrible impact on the student's physical and mental health and also their academic achievements. Due to the preparation and rehearsals, none of them do their homework during the whole month before the AAT days; they don't sleep and are only focused on one thing - winning.

Many of the students have even received physical traumas while performing, and there have been numerous fights and disagreements after the winners were announced. These fights were active even after the years passed since the competition."

Journalist: Ana Gvasalia

Editor: Nita Karkashadze

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