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Dear Asmat

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Nice to meet you Folks! My name is Mrs. Asmat and I’ll be your adviser from now on, exciting isn’t it? High school can definitely be a tough place for a teenager, believe me, been there, done that! Every once in a while, anyone might need some advice and guidance. That’s what I’m here for! Coming from my experiences, I’ll guide you through your struggles, whatever they might be. Whether It’s a relationship problem, or you’re struggling with school, or if you’re in a fight with a friend, I’ll help with everything! You can either email me or comment under this post explaining your problem/question. I respect your privacy, so your identity will remain anonymous. I’ll do everything I can to help you overcome your struggles.

Yours, Mrs. Asmat.

Mariam Japaridze
Keta Tavartkiladze

Who Am I?

Hello, Dear Friends! I'm Mrs. Asmat, your virtual friend, ad...

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