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  • When is it normal to like someone else after a breakup?

Honestly, whenever you feel like it! If you’ve already broken up with a person and you start liking someone else, don’t feel guilty for starting to date “too early”. Trust your gut and go ahead with the relationship, see where it goes. Keep in mind that it’s always great to take time for yourself after a breakup, so do whatever makes YOU feel good. No one knows what you want better than you do, right? As a famous designer DVF once said, “One thing you know for sure is that you will always have yourself.” Keep this advice in mind <3

  • Will we remember most of what we learned in school in our adulthood?

Well, sweetie, from my personal experience, no! I’ve forgotten most of what I learned in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and especially history. Math used to come in handy- you do know I worked in finance before I retired, right? But this does not mean you should stop studying. Learning a lot really develops your brain and helps you get used to absorbing a lot of information at once- something you will need in the future if you want to be successful!

  • Do you believe in god? explain why.

I believe we should all believe in God- not necessarily the one who sits in the clouds and watches over the world. I’d advise everyone to create their own gods, something greater than themselves. Trust me dear, your god will come in handy when you’re struggling and everything else is failing you. Faith is a great driving force after all… I know we have a lot Euphoria fans here, so let me share something one of my favorite characters, Ali, says to Rue, "You have to create a new God, or gods, or whatever you can. But it is imperative that you believe in something, something greater than yourself. All right? And it can't be the ocean, or your favorite song. And it can't be the movement, or the people, or the words. You've got to believe in the poetry because everything else in life will fail you, including yourself."


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