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Dear Asmat

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So thankful to have received so many questions! Looking forward to more. Remember- Mrs. Asmat is always here for you <3 Here are the answers to the rest of your questions.

  • Did Diavolo deserve it?

Hello fellow anime enthusiasts! Great question… Well, I’d say absolutely not! Infinite death loop is too harsh a punishment for his finite actions. Mrs. Amsat believes in forgiveness!

  • If Gooby were to fight Uncle Dolan, who would win?

Dolan stan all the way!

  • I haev a queshtin for u. y Gooby kild spodermen?

Gooby pls!

  • What organic substance is orange?

All I can say is oranges are life. I’d recommend consulting your biology teacher for the rest of the question and get back to me with the answer pleasee.

  • What is the difference between a table and a chair?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. You can sit on both and that’s what matters.

  • Who is stronger, Der Kumer or Bogs?

Sorry but Idk what you’re talking about my dear.

  • Which is better on Gragas, Rabadon or Unholy Grail?


  • Will 8th graders have juries this year?

I’d say yes? My intuition tells me yes, but it also tells me that you’re going to do great. Trust me, eighth grade juries are nothing. All you have to do is pass, and getting a low pass (at least) is not that hard. Mrs. Asmat believes in you!!!

  • I changed schools and now im depressed because I miss everyone and no one in my class is interesting or fun to talk to.

Oh, I’m sorry… I can imagine how hard it must have been for you to change schools and end up in a completely different circle of people. My advice would be to find something that you are passionate about in our school: some club, some class, some activity… You’ll be surprised at how many amazing people you’ll meet while doing what you love. I’m sure there’s someone in your class who’s not as boring to talk to as you mentioned above. Try to find such a person and start hanging out with them. You are very strong and you’ll get through it, I believe in you <3 Plus, I’m your friend now, so you can always reach out to me. Good luck!

Drosna Befrosi

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