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Dear Asmat

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  • Have you seen Euphoria (the anime)?

Not yet, but I might in the future when I’m free from all the duties. Thanks for the recommendation, sweetheart!!

  • Which is your favorite JoJo villain and why?

One of my favorite Jojo villains definitely has got to be Yoshikage Kira, which I think stands out the most. I found him one of the most complex and interesting characters, considering his back-story and all. Even though he desperately seeks a quiet and peaceful life, he is constantly disturbed by murderous impulses, which, in my opinion, makes him a great villain.

  • Which is your favorite Shrek movie? Why?

Even though I believe that It’s hard for sequels to outdo the original, my favorite Shrek movie still has to be Shrek 2. Literally, nothing can surpass the "I Need A Hero" scene in the second movie. It also has the funniest moments and genuinely a better storyline with better antagonists. Just my opinion though, I’ll be gladly accepting responses!!

  • What is your favorite Mission Impossible movie?

I can’t choose between the 3rd and 6th one!! Both have amazing storylines and I could easily name them as the best action movies ever!!

  • Do you think there should be a movie (not animation) of JoJo part 6?

If we consider that the manga for part 6 was REALLY GOOD (I know some hated it but I enjoyed them very much), yeah I think there should be one.

Who Am I?

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