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Trips to Italy: a Great Tragedy of the Class of 2020

With the end of the pandemic, the old traditions have returned to us. Along with AAT Days, Christmas Villages, and New Year parties, many other events are back, including all-time students’ favorite - trips to Italy! Since all world has been quarantined during the past two years, these trips with other school activities have been canceled, but this year, the tradition continues. The senior class of 2023 is going to Florence this year, students are excited, and as they say, this trip is a way of finally saying goodbye to the pandemic and moving on in life.

Everyone is happy, especially the 12th graders, but the tradition of the yearly trips to Italy is a sensitive topic for students who graduate in 2020. One of the former students of GZAAT, a member of the class of 2020, has stated his opinion on this subject. “All of us were waiting for that trip. In Arts class, we have discussed this topic, and our art teacher even told us to start collecting the money and transferring it, which we did. Sadly, the Covid breakout has messed with our plans. Quarantine started, money was returned, and we had to stay. Now, when I think of that situation, I can confidently say that there was no need for canceling the trip since there were only one or two cases of Covid-19. However, everyone was panicking and afraid, so instead of going to Florence with friends, we were forced to stay at our houses, isolated, and couldn’t go out without the masks and gloves.” Unfortunately, that’s how the 12th graders had to deal with their last months of being school students.

Luckily, all of this is now over! After canceling the trip for three grades, seniors will be able to visit the museums and have fun during their last months of being classmates. This year the number of students going to trip outnumbered all the previous classes. 60-65 students have already purchased tickets and even chose their hotel roommates. The teachers coming along on the trip are Irinka Chkheidze, Ruso Abramidze, Marika Dadiani, and Ninka Bakradze. Khatuna Tskhadadze, sadly, will not join the trip; she has organized Italian classes where she will teach students Italian. All the seniors are excited to visit Florence and Rome with their favorite teachers. We wish them a fun trip!

Journalist: Ana Gvasalia

Editor: Nita Karkashadze

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