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The Radiator Incident - Howard Spodek Unleashes His Powers

Just like a true detective story, “the flood incident” in Ms. Ketka Topadze’s room left many of the teachers and students wondering what had really happened, and how big of a role did Howard Spodek, the writer of everyone’s favorite history book, play in this story? We tried to find out as much about the story and piece the information together to tell you.

On March 22, a sunny Wednesday, a radiator in one of the rooms in the Georgian section exploded, creating a big mystery that is yet to be solved. Many people seem to have different stories to tell, but for this article we chose one from the teacher of the class, Ms. Ketka. As she recalls it, she was sitting in the teacher’s lounge, when some people ran up to her, wet from head to toe, and told her that a radiator in her room had been broken, causing water to splash out of it and leaving the room damp. At first, it seemed to be the whole story of the broken radiator, but there was definitely more to it, as we found out later on, specifically involving the American historian, Howard Spodek.

“Spodek”, as many of us refer it as, is a history book familiar to each of us, as most had to use it at some point during high school. Though we love every chapter of the huge book, it is definitely a very heavy one, which is why students usually don’t bring it to school. Well, it turned out that on this particular day, a school bag with Spodek was put on a chair near the radiator. Because of the weight, however, the chair fell back, but as nobody wanted the book to be ruined, somebody tried to save it. Luck clearly wasn’t on this person’s side that day, because, accidentally, a part of their sneaker caught on the radiator and broke off the radiator. Next, as it normally happens, some black fluid started to splash (not leak) out of the radiator, followed by a heavy flow of water. When someone nearby saw this, they immediately rushed in the room to try and save the victim, but most importantly, the HOWARD SPODEK HISTORY BOOK. However, much like the first attempt, this one failed, too, and at the end, the cursed book brought bad luck upon not one, but two people.

This story is just a theory, though. In reality, nobody really knows what happened. Obviously, the broken radiator will be fixed and no serious harm was done to anyone involved in the story. But such an incident makes you wonder just how much power does Howard Spodek possess, doesn’t it? And what would happen if we stopped listening to what he’s trying to tell us? Just the thought makes us shiver and we hope to never find out. So please, be careful and don’t cross paths with the almighty Spodek!

Edited by Anna-Maria Kand

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