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Sophomore Advisory Day

This semester, many new changes were made to the school curriculum, including the implementation of Advisory Day. Instead of classes, kids got to spend a day with their advisory class. The classes could have chosen any activity, so the activities of the classes differed from one another. Because the weather was cold and rainy, some activities could not go as planned.

Several classes made the decision to stay in the school; they ordered food, played games, talked, and watched movies. Afterward, they decided to go out and take a walk on Lisi Lake, ignoring the stormy weather. All of the sophomore advisories that stayed in the school united as one large group. After walking, they decided to sit at one of the Cafés around the lake and enjoyed their big feast!

Other groups of the advisories preferred to leave the school territory. Two advisories, Miss Eka Gordeziani’s and Miss Maia Lortkipanidze’s went together to the mall and the movies. After asking the kids about their impressions of the trip, they all stated similar comments about it– they said that the trip itself was very fun and they had a lot of big laughs and moments of joy together. Nevertheless, they did not like the movie they went to watch. Other than that, they were very satisfied and happy with their trip. Another advisory class that went out was Miss Khatuna Tskhadadze’s advisory. They went out to play Bowling. The students were very satisfied with their day’s activity and said that they had a lot of time

Overall, both students and teachers were thrilled with the idea of Advisory Day. They got time to clear their minds off of school and had the opportunity to do fun activities of their choice, as well as socialize with their peers. This day is important since due to our school’s heavy schedule, not many students get to spend time with their advisors and some have very foreign relationships with them. The establishment of this day was a great way to solve this issue!

Edited by Mariam Dzidzikashvili

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