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Sleepless Juniors—Borderline Insanity

Most seniors already sent their applications to their chosen universities, but now, this long and stressful journey has challenged its new victims—the juniors. This is the time when they have to make one of the most important decisions of their life, at the ripe age of 17. After interviewing some of the juniors, most of them stated that they are still uncertain about their future and their majors. At the same time, upcoming SAT and IELTS tests, college applications, and college essays are approaching and raising anxiety levels through the roof.

After interviewing one of the 11th graders he stated that he just took the SAT test and was unhappy with the results and that's why he is retaking it in March. “I had too high expectations for the first tests. Now I realize that it has been my first experience so it's okay if the grade that you get does not satisfy your expectations at first.” He remains unsure about his career but is mostly disputing business administration. The GZAAT student is interested in many fields, which is why he is considering a liberal arts program. It involves many fields of study including literature, history, sciences, math technology, and many more. Liberal arts gives students the opportunity to choose from numerous options while being more experienced in other fields simultaneously.

One of the seniors advises juniors to start working on their applications and their college essays as soon as possible. “November and December have been a total mess for me, those two months I was doing most of the work that I should have done during the summer. And all with the schoolwork and applications, these past months were catastrophic. Each day I was writing new motivational letters for universities, submitting my applications, and doing all the work. So the biggest advice is to start working on those things as soon as possible.”

Some of the Juniors even had college counseling meetings, where they had a chance to discuss their plans with their parents and college counselors. One of the 11th graders had a meeting with Keti Chikovani. “At the meeting, we talked about this year's plan, and that we have to come up with a specific list of universities I’d like to apply to, Keti also advised me about some of the tests that I have to take and preferable dates for me.”

Most of the Juniors are already done with their college essays, some of them even had meetings with their parents and college counselors so they are one step ahead. With all of the junior and senior projects coming ahead, even more pressure and responsibility await the students, therefore it is better to do some things ahead of time. While this process is lengthy and challenging, most of these sleep deprived juniors remain optimistic...

Edited By Giselle Rein-Hagen

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