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School League 2022!

This year’s soccer season has everyone excited and GZAAT is no exception. Though not as huge, other soccer tournaments are also taking place alongside the famous FIFA World Cup, like the School League.

Friendly competition is good for everybody and the School League is just that. Schools from all over Tbilisi gather every year to play against each other and win the cup as well as some other prizes.

“The games are always a lot of fun,” says a player of the group, Giorgi Jakobia, “we go to the stadium every weekend and schoolmates cheer us on from the sidelines, while we play against a different team each time and work as a team to build our way towards the finals and hopefully win.”

Another player, Toma Iashvili, added: “We get nervous, of course, but that doesn’t stop us from putting in our best effort to go out on the field and score goals. We’ve had our ups and downs, but are very motivated towards winning. We won’t back down until we do so!”

As seen above, each year, the players keep up the school spirit and do not lose motivation to give up. Instead, they focus on bringing home victory, pride, and the cup. However, not everything is up to our team of players. They go out on the field and score goals, but naturally, they still need our support.

“We play every weekend, Saturday or Sunday, in the morning, in Digomi Stadium,” Giorgi Berezhiani, another player, stated, “everybody who has the time and wants to support our school should come watch and cheer us on. We’re always glad to see our schoolmates with posters encouraging us!

The tournament has started and our team players are more driven than ever. Playing every weekend and scoring amazing goals, the athletes won’t back down until they are victorious and with our support, they might just be able to bring back that cup home!

Edited by Anna-Maria Kand

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