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Rightfully Ditching School: The Juniors' Advisory Day

The under-appreciated advisory days are back, while some dreary pupils prefer to stay home, others unironically enjoy ‘skipping class’ and frivolity on a school day.

This time, on an unexpectedly sunny day of April 25, each advisory class planned short field trips to various locations. While some decided to visit the city mall and enjoy the movie sessions, others visited the Mtatsminda Amusement Park. Most of the eleventh graders, mainly advisorsies of Levan Ghambashidze, Ruso Abramidze, and Meriko Toradze decided to visit the amusement park, while students of the the advisors Maia Khaduri and Mariam Khidesheli went to the mall.

Originally it was planned that the juniors would climb Mtatsminda on foot, which would be an hour walk, but due to many complaints and protests from the students, this plan failed. One commenter quiped, "It seems as if your tired, your poorly fed, your huddled masses of students yearned to breathe free... yet the wretched refuse to walk."

The students rode the famous funicular railway. Most of them noted it was their first time, and that the ride was very exciting . When the students arrived they decided to plan their journey, they bought some tickets and began their childhood adventure down memory lane. The first stop was the tree ride, the round tree with a swing on it, according to the juniors it was the most fun when they were little kids and still enjoyed it this time around. Next the juniors moved on to the ride that was the scariest of all, the roller coaster. According to Nitsa Saakashvili, it was a ride that she always wanted to take but was too afraid to do, so seeing that most of her classmates got on the ride, she decided to join. As Nitsa describes the journey: “Even though I ended up crying the whole ride which lasted 2 minutes, it was still really exciting”. Also, teachers, Vasil Godabrelidze and Dato Shapakidze joined the ride with their students and had so much fun.

The Juniors continued to ride other attractions, such as haunted houses, octopuses, bumper cars, and many more. Nino Ioseliani says that the ride that she enjoyed the most was the bumper cars “Even though it is a ride for kids, me and my friend made it more fun as we were bumping into each other on purpose and we laughed a lot during the ride.”

Finally, the juniors wanted to end their day with what we Georgians do best, devouring Acharuli khachapuri, but were disappointed to find out that the infamous Mtatsminda restaurant was closed, therefore they headed back home on the funicular railway.

At the same time, advisorsies Mariam Khidesheli and Maia Khadouri decided to take their day and spend some time in the cinema. They went to the city mall and spent a few hours lounging around near food stands, eventually walking into the cinema to watch Martin Bourboulon’s new movie “Three Musketeers: D'Artagnan.” One of the juniors Nina Aladashvili says it was one of the best 2-hour naps she has ever had. “Most of us were sleeping through the whole movie so I can say the ending was pretty good but about the rest of it I have not no idea”.

Junior Zura Gigineishvili says that this day allows everyone to reconnect with their advisors and classmates, so he hopes to have more days like that.

Whether it is reliving childhood memories, eating fast food all day, or taking much needed naps inside the movie theatre, we, who actually attended, can call the advisory day an enormous success.

Edited By Giselle Rein-Hagen

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