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MUN: Fostering eternal values of humanity and peace

In the realm of academic extracurricular pursuits for students, the MUN club serves as a dynamic hub of diplomatic discourse and international affairs. Members of the club step into the world of global relations as they learn more about diplomacy, political sciences, political history, and the inner workings of the United Nations. Additionally, the UN is an international organization that has, for almost eighty years since the end of the Second World War, been a part of global cooperation, maintaining peace and order worldwide.

"I'm pleased to say that the club's activity has been stable and continuous for the past 8 years, as we've taken part in international conferences and learned many useful and valuable things," says Nikoloz Kvaratskhelia, who, this year, has taken over running the Model United Nations club curated by History teacher Keti Sturua.

One of the members of MUN says, "Our goal this year is to sharpen the skills such as public speaking, critical thinking; and research abilities of our members and to develop a deep understanding of international relations and global affairs."

Weekly, and on grander stages during international conferences, such as the NHSMUN conferences in New York (in which our school participates annually), members of the MUN club engage in debates, discussions, and research, learning the often science-like art of creating resolutions for global issues that demand international compromise and agreement across the board.

The world's challenges today are severe, with the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war, the outbreak of a terrible and brutal war in the Near East between Israel and Palestine, and tensions rising further east. Yet in these hard times, even and especially in the face of hardship, the United Nations holds the power to change the course of history for the benefit of mankind.

As a united community, we all strive to create a world where peace is not simply a dream but a reality to celebrate. A reality that can only be fulfilled through the commitment of individuals and nations alike to the principles of freedom, humanity, and dignity; codes and matters upon which the UN stands, and the principles and values that the Model United Nations club inspires in its members.

Edited by: Sofi Asatiani

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