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Levan Ghambashidze’s Club: 90’s Georgia

One of the history teachers of AAT, Levan Ghambashidze, had the first meeting for his 90’s club on the 18th of October. This club is different from others because only the seniors can join - it was created specifically for them by Mr. Levan. He established this club because in the 90's many important events and changes happened in Georgia that dramatically affected the country and its future. Sadly, many people in this generation do not know the importance of these years. In the 90's Georgia civil wars happened, the nation became independent, and brought Georgia into the constitutional framework. Unfortunately, textbooks that are given to students do not talk about this very important topic in a way that gives full insight about the times, so students do not know much about the 90's. Also, he was not able to dedicate lessons about this topic to the seniors last semester, so they collectively decided to start this club the following year. To better understand what this club is exactly going to do, one of the journalists interviewed him.

Journalist: What is the purpose of the 90's club?

Levan: The purpose of this club is to meet and discuss certain books to learn more about these events. For now, we are planning to discuss Jaba Ioselian’s Three Dimensions. We are going to discuss figures, organizations, and events that are mentioned while reading. After this, we are going to note all the figures, and for the next meeting collect more information about them.

J: Are the meetings scheduled?

L: Since this club is only for 12th graders and are very busy this year, meetings are not on certain days. Because of this, they won’t read 10 pages every day, instead, they will read and collect as much information as possible before meetings and then we’ll have discussions. So their meeting schedule depends on them; they will rest on rest days, also I will try to not push them and have a rest if they have something planned. My main goal is to finish this book we’re currently reading and discuss important things about the 90's.

J: What are this club’s future plans?

L: We have not talked much about future plans but we want to do a little exhibition at the end of the year. Their exhibition will include all the materials that they had collected throughout the year. The material will include photos, audio material, videos, artifacts, etc. The purpose of this exhibition is to show that they gathered fundamental information about the 90's and to show the main point of this decade.

Levan Ghamabashidze’s 90’s club seems to be actually gaining the students’ attention and interest. This club consists of seniors who want to learn more about the topic with their favorite history teacher.

Edited by Keto Kapianidze

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