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Kato Tsuladze's Diverse Playlist!

Once again we’re continuing the tradition of the teacher playlists! This series is meant to give the students a better understanding of their teachers’ interests outside of school, and what better way to do it than through music? Music says everything about what kind of a person someone is. This time, we’ll dig into the playlist of our beloved physics teacher, Kato Tsuladze.

When asked about her favorite music genre, Kato answered that there's no specific genre she enjoys listening to more than another. Rather, she enjoys many different genres, including soul, jazz, classical music and a bit of rock. Besides this, she’s quite the fan of Georgian music too.

Now that we know some of her favorite genres, let's move onto some of her favorite artists. There are many artists that Kato loves so lets break them down by genres: in soul – Barry White; in jazz – Fugees, Keith Jarrett, Dave Brubeck and Ella Fitzgerald; in Georgian artists – Niaz Diasamidze and Jansug Kakhidze and last but not least in rock – Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Although Kato told us about her favorite artists, she finds it hard to pick out a particular song that is her favorite, but she did note that once she really likes a song she tends to obsessively listen to it until she gets sick of it and eventually starts hating it. Kato also provided us with a song that she currently enjoys, it's from the movie Cold War and it’s called “Two hearts, four eyes."

Usually, Kato attends the annual classical music festival held in Telavi and jazz festivals held in Tbilisi or Batumi, which she enjoys a lot because of her love for the genres and the overall atmosphere at the events. She also said: “The most memorable concerts I've been to so far are those of Red Hot Chilli Peppers in Barcelona and Prodigy in Batumi. I like listening to RHCP music, so I enjoyed their concert very much. However, I have never listened to Prodigy, but the emotion and the vibe during the concert and among the fans was amazing. Unforgettable experience!”

When asked about the importance of music, Kato took a more artistic approach in her answer: “During a movie-making elective several years ago, I learned that directors usually record the silence of the room to add to the scene in order for the sound to be natural and it got me thinking. It's interesting that each room has its own silence-voice, kind of individual personality. It's like John Cage writing 4 '33 - silence.” Kato also mentioned that concerts and music are very important in her life, going as far as to say that it is one of the things she lives for.

From her love of classical music to her most memorable concert experiences, hearing about Kato Tsuladze's unique and interesting music taste was truly a delight. We hope to uncover this creative side in other teachers as well and continue this wonderful tradition!

Edited by Anna-Maria Kand

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