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Juniors' Exciting Trip to Vardzia

Recently, our junior students had an exciting two-day trip to explore unseen historical places in Georgia and stay at Vardzia Resort for a night. GZAAT students had a good time visiting the history of Rabati Castle and the old cave city of Vardzia.

On the first day, the students traveled to Vardzia, a unique location famous for its caves. Juniors and the teachers were guided by a local expert who showed them the fascinating caves, tunnels, and stairs carved into the cliffs. Inside the caves, they also saw beautiful chapels with colorful paintings and rooms where old books were written. Furthermore, they enjoyed breathtaking views from the upper parts of the cave city. By exploring such a place, they learned about the history of this medieval site and the monks who lived there long ago.

After a long ride and visiting the beautiful Vardzia cave city, students went to the hotel and, after resting and adjusting, enjoyed dinner with friends and teachers. After dinner, the students and the teachers had a great bonding time - they talked about various topics, played many board games, told some jokes, etc. They stayed up late, but it was worth it:)

On the second day, everyone met at breakfast. At first, since everyone was half-asleep, students and the teachers enjoyed their meals in silence. However, after eating a delicious breakfast and getting in a better mood, the students and the teachers continued talking and chit-chatting about various topics and having a great time. As the check-out was at noon, everyone packed up and went to their next destination - Rabati Castle.

The Rabati castle has a long history and combines different architectural styles from different cultures. As the students walked inside, they saw tall towers, strong walls, and open spaces where people used to live. The history teachers explained the castle's stories and the different cultures that influenced its design. They also used this time to practice dances which we will see in their performance on AAT day and had some fun while doing so. After spending an hour in Rabati Castle, everyone went to a restaurant where they ate some Georgian food and shared their impressions.

The two-day trip to Vardzia Resort was an exciting experience for the junior students. They learned about the history and enjoyed exploring the cave city of Vardzia and the impressive Rabati Castle. At the same time, it was an excellent two days for them since they had a great bonding time with the teachers, constantly laughing and making jokes. This two-day trip to Vardia was definitely memorable for all of them:)

Edited by Nino Ioseliani

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