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Hiking Club's First Hike!

The Gaudeamus Hiking Club went on a hike on Sunday, November 28th. The hike consisted of roughly 11 km of walking, with more than 700 meters of elevation. The hiking club members started from the Kus Tba parking lot and journeyed up to the Udzo Monastery. Along the way, they witnessed many beautiful sceneries. When reaching the higher part of the hike, the hikers came across the snow! 10 students attended the hike, with Gvantsa Mas and Godzi Mas leading them. Students carried minimal weight - a small bag with food and water inside it, and hiking poles that weren’t required, but proved to be useful while ascending.

The hike lasted more than four hours, but each member of the group made it all the way to the end of the hike without feeling very tired. The hikers started from the Kus Tba Parking Lot, then went up before reaching a small sitting spot where they rested for a few minutes and ate, and continued along the way. After reaching the Udzo monastery, they stopped in the garden of the church. After that, a different route was taken back through Tskneti. The hike back was about an hour before reaching a bus stop, getting on a municipal bus, and finishing near the Kus Tba.

The hike was a great start for beginners - physically challenging but not too much! Members who also participated last year said that this year the hikes are longer, and for them, the locations are more interesting. It challenges them to be more active and they like that a lot. One of the hikers added that it was great to hike with friends. For me, a new member of the club, this was my first hike with them. It was breathtaking to look at the city from a height and observe nature while hiking. The most exciting part was when I saw the snow - it was my first time seeing it this year.

Overall, this was an incredible experience that challenged me physically, but not to the point where I was too tired. The views along the way of nature and Tbilisi were beautiful and I hope many more hikes are to come along the year.

Edited by Kato Ambokadze

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