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High School’s Student Council of 2023-2024

The Student council is a very active and productive part of GZAAT. It is the representative body of students from each grade, responsible for addressing student concerns and considering their ideas, organizing school activities and providing space for each student's voice in school-related matters. All in all, they are responsible for making school a better place for students. In GZAAT student council takes place every year. This year was no exception. 

To learn more about the Presidents in 9th,10th and 11th grade in GZAAT, we asked them some questions about their journey and plans. We interviewed 9th grade President and vice president: Otar Makhareishbili and Ana Salakaia, 10th grade President and vice president Natalia Abuladze and Zviad Tsetskhladze, and 11th grade President and Vice president Luka Ebralidze and Irina Osipov. 

Journalist: What was your journey like when becoming the student president? What did you do to achieve this goal?

Ana Salakaia (9th grade): I decided to be part of the student council the day before the elections. I found out that only 2 students were candidates in 9th grade. So I decided to participate too. I designed some posters and baked cookies. I also sent an electronic letter to my classmates to inform them that I would be one of the candidates. Next morning I came to school early, hung the posters in the corridors, put my handmade cookies and sweets in the 9th grade classrooms and wrote on the boards ``Vote For Ana!”.  

Natalia Abuladze (10th grade): Becoming the president has been my goal since last year, since I really love organizing events, considering others ideas and helping the class build a community. I took part in various activities last year as well as this year which really helped me and showed my classmates that I should be trusted. This is why my classmates voted for me. 

Zviad Tsetskhladze (10th grade): It was very spontaneous as I made my candidature 2 hours before the elections. All I relied on was my ability to improvise a speech. 

Irina Osipav (11th grade): For me, it  was an exciting journey. I had to think of a speech and connect with my classmates to understand their needs and concerns. 

Luka Ebralidze (11th grade): In 10th grade I was the vice president of my class. During this time, I made a great contribution to the development of the school and fulfilled all the promises I made. My classmates liked me for being the vice president so this year they chose me as their President. 

Journalist: Can you share an example of what you will do while being the president? What new things would you suggest to the school?

Ana Salakaia (9th grade): I want to create an inclusive environment where every student feels valued and heard. I will try my best to have unforgettable and a lot of parties this year on special holidays such as Halloween, Christmas and so on. Also, I would like to comment on the cafeteria prices. I will talk to the headmaster of the school and tell that nearly every student is against the prices.

Otar Makhareishvili (9th grade): I don’t exactly know what I will do in the future but I want 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th grade students to have permission to go outside the Lisi Lake area on breaks like the 12th grade.

Natalia Abuladze (10th grade): My main goal this year is to make my class more closer and

make it a community even though we have been together in this school for 3 years already. I have been planning lots of school events and I really want to involve students from all grades in it, especially the charity events. The one thing I know exactly is that I am planning a charity in the future with the help of my friends. The charity will be a Georgian art auction, mostly for adults from both within and outside the school community. Its goal is to earn money for families with limited resources to help them and provide them with every basic need.

Zviad Tsetskhladze (10th grade): During this school year, I want to bring the community closer to each other. I refrained from making concrete promises, so I will bring all suggestions and problems of the class to the student council. Of course as the position of Vice president I will aid the president in any of her endeavors as well. 

Luka Ebralidze (11th grade): I don’t specifically know yet what I will do, but I will try my best to do everything the students suggest and like. Last year, I added a field trip to Vardzia which has not been in our school before and it was quite fun. This year I also plan to add one more field trip to the 11th grade and will see how it goes!

Irina Osipov (11th grade): At the moment, along with Luka and Levan mas, we are planning on hosting an event on monday, which includes Frisbee Tournaments and a “Rtveli Sufra” afterwards. This is an event where you can experience the rich cultural flavors of Georgia in a grand celebration like no other!

Journalist: What advice will you give the students for next year's student council? Should they try and participate in it?

Otar Makhareishvili (9th grade): Joining the student council is a rewarding experience for many reasons. First, you learn leadership skills and how to lead your class. You will gain experience in public speaking, decision making and resolving problems which in the future will be essential in your everyday life. You will also learn how to communicate through students and administrators. Being part of the student council means having an opportunity to make a positive impact on the school and contribute something that everyone will remember. Shortly, it is a very fun and enjoyable experience that is very good for your future career. 

Ana Salakaia (9th grade): Being a part of the student council is the best thing that could have happened for me. You learn so many essential skills that will help you in various aspects of your life. Student council helps you to build relationships between students, teachers, and administrators, which is very important during your academic years and in the future. Also, it is  very handy in college applications because it demonstrates that you know how to lead, communicate and work in a team. Being a part of the student council often involves organizing events which can be a lot of fun and creates lasting memories with the school members. My advice for students is to participate in the student council and to not be afraid!

Natalia Abuladze (10th grade): I feel like everyone who wants to be a part of the student council should go out and try it, even if there is a lot of competition. People should not be afraid of achieving their goals. My advice is to do it without any fear and be confident. Even if you fail, this will encourage you to be better in the future. Being a part of the student council is a big responsibility and also a big experience. It gives you a sense of community, helps you understand teamwork and organize events. Every single student will need these skills at some point in their lives, which they can improve by being in the council. 

Zviad Tsetskhladze (10th grade): My main advice is to not have a complicated speech. Say only what matters quickly but efficiently. Your main goal is to spend time with your peers and address the topics that concern them.

Irina Osipov (11th grade): My advice to students is to absolutely participate in the student council. Focus on listening and being approachable. It's important to think beyond just your class and consider how to improve the entire school community. My main advice for future council members is to be patient and to not be afraid of speaking up!

            Overall, the student council has a huge impact on the school's development. Students do this by considering others' ideas, building good relationships and communities, and contributing positive and useful changes to the school. It helps students to become more active, engaged, and responsible members of the school society. We’re excited to see this year’s presidents and vice presidents do their best to make our school a better place. Wish you luck!

Edited by Keto Kapianidze

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