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GZAAT Takes on the World Cup

The FIFA World Cup, which takes place every four years, is an exciting time for football lovers. Most countries from all over the world participate, and of course, each has its supporters. The World Cup'sCup's spirit and enthusiasm can also be seen in GZAAT, which is now an active discussion topic. In some classes, teachers even agree to play the match live in the classrooms, where students' loud shouts are heard throughout the school. Even during the breaks, conversations and arguments about football are in every corner of the halls.

As it is interesting which country has the most supporters from our school, a survey was sent out to the students. The survey asked the students which team they were rooting for in the competition, and the answers were not so shocking. The most popular choices were Argentina and Brazil - who would have thought? However, Argentina was leading, as it was 50% of the responses. Next comes Brazil, which has one and only Neymar Jr. as one of its players. After these two leading teams comes Portugal, which surpassed Germany and France by only a few votes. Sadly, the countries with the least votes were Spain, Croatia, Netherlands, Canada, and others.

Interviewing the students gives a better understanding of why they root for specific teams. Some students said they root for Brazil because they have good teamwork and their strategies are pretty smart. Some also added that they want Brazil to win because they like Neymar or because it might be the last World Cup for him, and they want his last one to end with winning (Even though it is also Messi'sMessi's and Ronaldo'sRonaldo's last one). On the other hand, some students made it clear that they hate how people, especially girls, have only started to like Brazil because of Neymar and numerous trends going around on social media.

Besides these comments, other students mainly named Argentina their first or second choice winners, primarily because they want Messi to win since this will be his last World Cup. Some also said they don'tdon't like the team itself and the players' skills; they want to see Messi win. Messi fans also noted that they don't like Portugal or Ronaldo and don'tdon't understand the hype around him, also finding him arrogant and mean.

Other than interviewing the students, the interviewer asked some questions to the Teachers as their opinions about this topic were extremely interesting for everyone. For example, Malkhaz Makashvili, a biology teacher, says he's rooting for Brazil since he'she's been their fan since childhood. However, he adds that he'd be happy to see Argentina win because of Messi.

Paata Ramishvili also gave insightful opinions about this topic. He tells the interviewer that he supports Brazil as, in his opinion, the team plays with really technical, thoughtful, and precise skills. He also stated that he would be happy to see Spain win, even though he doesn'tdoesn't think Spain'sSpain's as good as Brazil, but they still have their good moments.

As the World Cup is still ongoing and we still need a winner, it's still so much fun to see how the matches play out and what people think of them. Unfortunately, Brazil lost earlier to Croatia, and it's sad to hear as so many people are rooting for them and will be disappointed. However, the matches and the conversations about them still noticeably bring up the students' spirits and moods throughout the day, during which all they talk about are the upcoming matches. They also obviously bring up some arguments and disagreements, which is also one of the interesting and exciting parts of such events.

Edited By Nino Ioseliani

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