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Fall Break at GZAAT

The first quarter of the new school year is officially over. After exhausting and laborious starting months of the school year, students got their well-deserved fall break. We were interested in how the students spent their free time and what they thought about being back at school.

We interviewed some of our students and asked them what their favorite ways of spending fall break are. As expected, most of the students spent time with their friends and family members, since during school, they do not have enough time to hang out with their loved ones. “I tried to manage my time wisely since the first school months have been tiring and strenuous. I wanted to balance relaxing and boosting my energy, while also going out and seeing my friends. I also spent every day playing tennis and as the break was almost over I looked through my homework to get ready for the second quarter.” said Anano Mrelashvili. A sophomore, Nikoloz Kvaratskhelia, said he used his free time to visit his old school and classmates. “During the break, I was waking up at 8 AM and attending lessons at my old school. I spent time with my old classmates playing pool or basketball.” In Mr.Anthony Schierman’s class, it was discovered that the majority of students spent their break with their grandparents since they could not see them often during school.

An interesting pattern that was acknowledged during interviews was that younger students, such as sophomores and freshmen, prefer to spend their time relaxing and restoring strength, while older students, such as juniors, used their free time to have fun and party. “Netflix, snacks, and bed kept me company, they were my best friends this week.” said a sophomore. On the other hand, we asked a junior how she spent her fall break - “This week was a great way to do things I don’t normally do during school. I went to numerous parties with my friends. Fall break is a great way to use your free time to loosen up and simply have fun.”

How important is fall break, one might ask? In Georgia, having a break mid-term is odd. Other schools often question if a week-long break is necessary for students. GZAAT looked forward to the fall break. This week was a great time of rest for our students, as it allowed them to not think about school for a while and come back more energised than ever since they are receiving first-quarter reports this Friday.

Edited by: Natalia Tutberidze

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