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Basketball Tournament Hosted by BIST

Updated: Feb 11, 2023

On the weekend of February 4th-5th, 2023, The British International School of Tbilisi hosted an action-packed basketball tournament. The tournament consisted of six teams, one of them being GZAAT. Our team played a total of four games out of which we won half. They were successfully able to secure the third place!

Our team played spectacularly and the supporters from the sidelines kept the spirit high with their original posters and loud cheering. From a rocky start, that is GZAAT losing to Lions with a high score, to some great wins, like us redeeming ourselves to the same school later on, the phoenixes have definitely proved themselves to be worthy of winning.

On Sunday, February 5th, the third place play-off took place, which was the most important and nerve-wracking game for our school. A tenth grader, Giorgi Jakobia, talks about the game and how it all went down: “From the very beginning, we dominated and at some point were even winning by 22 points. Then, the other team started to score a lot, too, and when the point difference was just one point, our team members did everything in their power to win, in which they succeeded."

From the sidelines, the devoted supporters were stressed all the time, as the game was tense with and nobody knew what the final score was going to be. Down on the court, the players were having some thoughts, too: “Obviously, we were nervous as well. We started out great, with a huge score difference, but as we saw that our opponents were coming close to drawing, we got more and more nervous. However, at the end we got everything under control and scored even more. We definitely deserved that win," says Giorgi Nozadze, a 10th grader and player of our basketball team.

This tournament came to an end and though we didn’t win, we had a good attempt and managed to get the third place. While that isn’t ideal, there are many more competitions ahead of us and some even include playing against teams from other countries, so there’s plenty of time an opportunities for our school to shine! So, our journey isn’t over yet and thanks to our amazing team and supporters, we will go on to claim our spot as number one in upcoming adventures!

Edited by Anna-Maria Kand

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