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 Preparation for Christmas!



Ho, ho, ho… Finally, the time we have all been waiting for came by the door. It's the time of the year when everything seems special, even school. GZAAT students are excited for the Christmas break which is nearly here, but before that we have a much more fun and enjoyable journey to go through. There is already a big shiny christmas tree standing in the entrance of the school. Two weeks before Christmas Break, the students started decorating their assigned areas of the school territory. The 12th graders are decorating the Georgian and math hall, the 11th graders- the history hall, the 10th graders-the English hall and the 9th graders-the Russian hall.

As you come in the entrance, you are greeted by a dazzling display of twinkling lights. After stepping inside the school, the magic of Christmas unfolds in every hallway with the sound of holiday music in the background. The walls are decorated with sparkling ornaments, little decorated branches, paper snowflakes and snow, made of cotton. The whole school is transformed into a winter wonderland with students' artwork and handmade ornaments.

In the main gathering areas, in the lounges, sparkly illuminated Christmas trees are standing. Even in the library stands a christmas tree which is made from books stacked on top of each other with lights brightening them.  The most entertaining activity is the wishlist paper which hangs on the wall in the entrance hallway. Anyone can go and write down what they wish for. We’ll see what the GZAAT students want at the end of this special season.

A decorated school during Christmas is a magical place where you can feel the joy of the season. It creates an environment that develops a sense of community and togetherness, leaving lasting memories for students, teachers and administrator members. We’re looking forward to many fun and joyful events before Christmas break!

Edited By: Keto Kapianidze

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