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Most Anticipated Football Match of the Season - Teachers VS Students

This year the sports committee has been a very active part of our school community. Several football, basketball, and volleyball matches have been played, and our school has met with many victories and some losses as well. But the spirit of sport remains strong. 

Typically AAT teams play against rival schools. However on December 12th, an extraordinary football match was held. No strangers entered the school, for this was a game between friends: the official GZAAT student football team would be competing with a carefully assembled team of AAT teachers! 

The Teachers’ team consisted of 9 members. From the math department, our favorites: Godzi Pruidze, Vasil Godabrelidze, and George Mchedlishvili. The Levans: Levan Gigineishvili, Levan Ghambashidze, and Levan Gogotishvili. Anthony Mas, Coach Gio, and school’s security Arsen complete the team. The students’ team consisted of 7 members: Juniors Giorgi Jakobia, Toma Iashvili and Lado Kavtaradze, and Seniors Luka Shalikadze, Iko Kontselidze, Nikoloz Iashvili, and Biba Tsagareli. While the whole school was familiar with the skills of the students after observing many of their games throughout the semester, the teachers’ performance was what everyone was looking forward to the most. The whole audience waited in anticipation, wondering who would score goals and if anyone would fall over or get injured. 

The exciting and thrilling match lasted for 40 minutes, which was accompanied by loud cheerleading from all corners of the gym. Most of the students were actually on the teacher's side, while some teachers chose to support their beloved students. The match ended with a score of 5-5. Arsen impressed everyone with his hat-trick: 4 goals in this one match accompanied with his unique celebrations. 

Since the match ended with a tie, penalties were needed. The students won with a score of 5-4, after which they were awarded their prize. But the teachers didn’t go home with disappointed hearts. George Mchedlishvili was named as the Man of The Match. He said that he wasn’t expecting this reward and he thought they would lose with a great difference between scores. It was his first time playing in the AAT gym with 11-12 graders and also with his colleagues, so all of this was a new and exciting experience for him. When he was younger he used to play football but after that he hadn't played for a long time. This reward gave him motivation to maybe go back to playing and practicing the sport. These kinds of matches are being considered to be held, so George Mas is planning to come back more motivated and better than before.

Throughout the day, before the match, everyone in the school was talking about it, discussing it, asking questions, and generally being in high spirits. Sport matches are another opportunity for students and everyone to connect with the teachers more and see the “other side” of them more often. Overall, everyone who attended the match had lots of fun and enjoyed being a part of the culture that AAT is creating!

Edited by Keto Kapianidze

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