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Long-awaited Basketball Uniforms!

Basketball became more popular in AAT, with a new team forming and matches being held against other schools. Everyone is excited about upcoming tournaments. However, as basketball started to come back to AAT’s spirit slowly, so did some problems.

As it turns out, getting hold of jerseys was complicated. At first, the team didn’t have the full set of uniforms for everyone. Therefore, some players still didn’t have them, having to use others’ jerseys during training and matches. Nevertheless, as of now, the team finally has some brand-new uniforms. To get more in-depth information about this topic, one of the journalists interviews some of the players from the GZAAT basketball team, the first one being Shoti Sikharulidze, a Junior.

Interview between the interviewer and Shoti Sikharulidze:

I: What can you say about the team’s old uniforms?

S: During the friendly matches in our school, we had our old uniforms on, so we just played in those. However, some of us would just wear others’ jerseys or whatever they had during training and matches as some players didn’t have them. Since those were just friendly matches, the uniforms weren’t that big of a deal for us, so it didn’t bother us.

I: Okay, and what about the jerseys you have now? And the design seems to be different from the old ones too.

S: Yeah, we were financed by the school, and the new uniforms luckily came a week before our tournament so that everyone would have their own while playing with other schools. The color stayed the same, but we changed some details that made the uniform look more put together and cooler.

I: Who was in charge of that?

S: Zuka and all the players took part in it, and together, we made sure that the uniforms would turn out great!

I: What about the numbers each of you has? Did you choose them randomly, or do they have some kind of backstory or meaning?

S: Well, to be honest, I chose number 2 randomly. However, Spiro, for example, chose number 8 because he’s the eighth kid in his family.

I: Wow! Well, thank you, Shoti, for the interview!

S: You’re welcome:)

After some more interviewing, it turned out that not only Spiro has meaning behind his choice of numbers. Some of them said they had their favorite numbers to wear as they’ve always worn the same lucky numbers. For example, another member of the team, Giorgi Nozadze, a Sophomore, said that he’s number 23 because he’s always been number 23 and continued to choose that number, while Nikoloz Salayaia said he chose number 13 since he chose it once in the past and continued to do so ever since then.

As basketball in AAT is becoming more anticipated than before, it’s nice to see the players in new uniforms. Now, they’re more put together since they added their names on their T-shirts. The rest of the school cannot wait to see more of their plays in the future with their beautiful new uniforms!

Edited by Nino Ioseliani

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