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From Mozart to Giya Kancheli: Vano Bidzia's playlist

Last year the gazette started a new project focusing on the school faculty’s music preferences. This article explores the school's beloved staff member Vano Dvaladze and his music choices.

Vano listens to music every spare minute he has since it stimulates his imagination. He matches notes with colors and songs with art. “The rainbow has seven colors, and there are seven notes as well. indicating that each color has its note,” says Vano.

Visual art done by: Ninia Abramishvili

Classical music:

Classical music plays a big role in Vano’s life. He thinks this genre is calming and captivating and suits all moods. The music he's listening to can easily influence his emotions and feelings. Rather than listening to sad Sonatas which may worsen his mood, he chooses to listen to classical pieces that help him escape his sadness whenever he’s feeling down. His favorite composers are Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, and Berlioz. Vano finds these musicians enthralling because their symphonies feature a wider range of musical instruments, But out of four, his favorite musician is Mozart, whom he finds the most fascinating. For Vano, each symphony is unique and captivating, but flute quartets interest him the most.

Georgian Estrade:

In addition to classical music, Vano enjoys Georgian orchestral music, compositions by Giya Kancheli, and works by Zura Mjavia, a modern composer who mainly creates patriotic music. He feels that Giya is a composer who should be enjoyed by every Georgian and that everyone should have the pleasure of hearing him at least once in their lifetime.


Besides these two genres, Vano occasionally likes jazz and classical rock. Even though these genres aren't his favorites, he sometimes finds them to be incredibly entertaining when the mood strikes. He isn't a big fan of Pop either, but every once in a while it's nice for him to shake things up and step outside of his comfort zone.

Vano enjoys listening to classical music, but his passion for the piano extends beyond just listening; he has also attended music school and has played the piano for some time. He says that after improving his piano skills, he began learning to play the guitar. He often plays to pass the time and boost his pessimistic mood.

It was very interesting to learn about Vano Bidzia’s music preferences. As it turns out, his artistic preference ranges from classical composers such as Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach to Georgia’s very own Giya Kancheli and Zura Mjavia. It was also unexpected to learn that Vano’s love for music goes beyond just listening, he likes to play different instruments such as the piano and a guitar.

Editor: Ana Kharabadze

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