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Eka Tatishvili's Playlist

by Ninia Abramishvili

It is always interesting to hear about the preferences of people in music. The gazette set out a new goal of creating special playlists where songs that our teachers and administrators choose will be placed along with interesting interviews. You can see Anthony's and Nia's interview on the website, under the playlist category. We decided that the next person we were going to interview was our beloved Eka Tatishvili.

Interviewer: What is your favorite genre of music?

Eka Tatishvili: I can’t point out one specific genre and say that I like it the most, as I enjoy almost all of them. Probably more classical music and less jazz.”

Interviewer: What is your favorite song?

Eka Tatishvili: I can’t say any specific songs but probably any of the Queen’s songs. It is my favorite band as well.

Interviewer: Who is your favorite composer?

Eka Tatishvili: In general, we, Georgians, have many great composers and songwriters. My favorite of all time has to be Giya Yancheli for his amazing pieces of music. My favorite sort of album that he wrote is the one that is dedicated to his friends. I think it is called “Letters for my friends”. These are many songs, each of which is dedicated to one of his friends. Yancheli had concerts where he performed these pieces. I have attended every single one of them. That is how much I adore Giya Yancheli and his works.

Turns out Eka is into the classics. Below is a Spotify playlist that Eka Mas provided where you can find songs for different occasions. Abba when you're having fun and Giya Kancheli when you're enjoying some me time.

Edited By: Kato Dadiani

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