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Advisory day for freshman

On Tuesday, 25th of April, The whole school had advisory days. Meaning that after the first two blocks, everyone had the chance to take the day off and do whatever they decided as a class. We interviewed a ninth-grade student Natalia Abashidze to share how her class spent this day. She said that everything got off to a rocky start since the class couldn’t decide where they wanted to go. Everyone wanted to join their friends, and it was hard to settle on one opinion, but finally, Miss Gvantsa Zhuruli and Miss Marika Dadiani decided to unite and go to the Botanical Garden together, and everyone was happy with the final decision. After the first two blocks, both classes went to the Galleria Mall together, where they dined, then started their journey to the garden on foot. The way over was quite enjoyable. Since it was dreadingly hot, the children decided to spill water on each other, which was fun. When they got to the destination, they had a Guide who led them around as they walked around the garden, but everyone was too busy joking around, so they did not really listen to the guide. They stopped at a beautiful waterfall for a little while, where they had a chance to relax and chit-chat before going home. Even though the day wasn’t anything crazy, It was a great chance to connect with advisors and people who are in the same advisories, and everyone had a glorious time.

Edited by Zura Gigineishvili

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