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Dear Asmat

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Don’t underestimate me, sweetheart, I know more than you think I do.

  • Can cows swim?

Surprisingly, they can. Not for miles, of course, but they wouldn’t drown.

  • What is the most beautiful concept in mathematics?

Such an original question my dear. Most would say that it’s “The Golden Ratio”, but I would say that you can find beauty in every concept if you look closely enough.

Mariam Japaridze

So thankful to have received so many questions! Looking forward to more. Remember- Mrs. Asmat is always here for you <3 Here are the answers to the rest of your questions.

  • Did Diavolo deserve it?

Hello fellow anime enthusiasts! Great question… Well, I’d say absolutely not! Infinite death loop is too harsh a punishment for his finite actions. Mrs. Amsat believes in forgiveness!

  • If Gooby were to fight Uncle Dolan, who would win?

Dolan stan all the way!

  • I haev a queshtin for u. y Gooby kild spodermen?

Drosna Befrosi

The time has come to share my first collection of advice/answers to your questions. If any of you are struggling with something or need an advice, feel free to fill out the forms I’ll be sending out. Yours, Mrs. Asmat.

“To be or not to be?”

That’s the question, my Dear Child.

“How meni steks Pruto souhld get to destry miki mouce adn Gooby?”

Oh, my Dear Lord, I was not able to understand a single word there, because of all the mistakes. And then they say that my generation is bad with technology… Write once more when you’ve figured out how to spell my dear.

“What is the derivative of quantum-relativistic gamma function?”


Nice to meet you Folks! My name is Mrs. Asmat and I’ll be your adviser from now on, exciting isn’t it? High school can definitely be a tough place for a teenager, believe me, been there, done that! Every once in a while, anyone might need some advice and guidance. That’s what I’m here for! Coming from my experiences, I’ll guide you through your struggles, whatever they might be. Whether It’s a relationship problem, or you’re struggling with school, or if you’re in a fight with a friend, I’ll help with everything! You can either email me or comment under this post explaining your problem/question. I respect your privacy, so your identity will remain anonymous. I’ll do everything I can to help you overcome your struggles.

Yours, Mrs. Asmat.

Mariam Japaridze
Keta Tavartkiladze
Mariam Japaridze
Mariam Japaridze
Dec 08, 2021

Thank you! <3


Who Am I?

Hello, Dear Friends! I'm Mrs. Asmat, your virtual friend, ad...
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